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IFIS NPL Purchases 4 NPL portfolios for a nominal value of about € 600 million

Inside information

Mestre (Venice), 18 July 2018 – IFIS NPL has acquired from UniCredit and other three players four distressed loans portfolios for a total of approximately € 600 million (nominal value), corresponding to more than 27,500 positions. The loans were purchased mainly on the primary market, mainly unsecured. Below are details of the transactions:

– the most significant (mixed banking) portfolio was purchased by IFIS NPL from UniCredit, with a nominal value of € 537 million (over 20,000 positions) and comprises: current accounts (42%), personal loans (30%), and others (28%);

– the second purchase, worth a nominal € 25,3 million, originates from the primary consumer unsecured market and comes under the scope of the forward flow with a major Italian consumer credit company. It consists of 75% personal loans and 25% revolving loans and credit cards, for a total of more than 3,600 positions;

– the portfolio sold to IFIS NPL by Carrefour Banca also belongs to the primary consumer credit market (nominal value € 16.5 million) and corresponds to about 3,100 positions, mainly comprising credit cards (48%) and personal loans (50%);

– the last purchase is of a portfolio sold to IFIS NPL – on the secondary unsecured banking market – by an Italian company that operates in the valuation of the purchase of pecuniary loans due from bankruptcy procedures, which is worth a nominal € 12.4 million (823 positions) and regards corporate (60%) and retail (40%) customers.

Following the purchases made, the portfolio owned by IFIS NPL comes to more than € 13.4 billion (nominal value), for a total of more than 1.5 million positions.