About us

Through its subsidiaries Ifis Npl and Ifis Npl Servicing, the Ifis Bank Group is market leader for the unsecured non performing loans. The strong competitive advantage comes from a combination of being to assess and purchase portfolios and the management – transformation of non performing loans, also for third parties.

Our goal is to convert the greatest number of assets into re-performing positions thanks to the different transformation channels and ten-year know-how based on: professionalism, ethics, ability to manage data and documents, and technological innovation.

Ifis Npl and Ifis Npl Servicing offer their customers:

  • Due Diligence and business planning on NPL/UTP portfolios, assessment of NPL portfolios, real estate appraisals;
  • Structuring of securitisation transactions;
  • Master and Special Servicer in securitisation transactions;
  • Management of bad debts and UTP for Italian banks;
  • Personalised and sustainable customer care to support the end customer with processing portfolios.

Ifis Npl

Ifis Npl S.p.A. is a company fully controlled by Banca Ifis S.p.A. dedicated to selecting, assessing and purchasing non performing loan portfolios, in order to create value for customers, the market and the entire financial system.

The company was set up in 2017 by spinning off the prior NPL business Area of Banca Ifis.

Since October 2019, Ifis Npl has been a member of UNIREC, the association grouping credit protection companies.

Our figures

As at 31 December 2019


Gross Book Value of the portfolio

+ 800

working in Ifis Npl

billion euro

Net Book Value of the portfolio





billion euro

acquisition of portfolios

Ifis Npl Servicing

Ifis Npl Servicing S.p.A. manages our own and third party portfolios, establishing the best collection strategies in order to provide customers with sustainable repayment plans for their position. 

Our company combines the ten-year expertise of the Banca Ifis Group on unsecured small ticket assets  with the skills acquired in 2019 in the corporate and secured branch and with managing for third parties.

Ifis Npl Servicing and the Banca Ifis Group offer the chance to transform non performing portfolios into opportunities thanks to the various legal and out-of-court collection channels, with an internal team of professionals and a capillary external network.

Ifis Npl Servicing is evaluated by the two main Rating Agencies: Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

Standard & Poor’s has also assigned it the management of unsecured loans rating.

You will find the ratings below:

Our figures

Pooled Ifis Npl Servicing and Ifis Npl data as at 31 December 2019

billion euro

Gross Book Value of the portfolio





Ifis Real Estate

Ifis Real Estate S.p.A. is a subsidiary of Ifis Npl Servicing.

It is specialised in Secured NPL thanks to a consolidated real estate assessment and appraisal structure that continuously flanks the commercial network not franchised. Ifis Real Estate has created an operating module that combines, in a coordinated, uniform process, strong product know-how with significant territorial expertise. The company works with all the real estate funds, SGR (savings management companies), public and private Bodies searching for a qualified, skilled service all over the country. Ifis Real Estate is active in the banking disputes sector and in all activities that make for better evaluation of property as a guarantee for credits managed.