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How to pay instalments

Lots of solutions, all easy.

With Ifis Npl Servicing you can choose how to settle your debt:

  • Pagachiaro: manage your payments online. From the portal you can:
    • pay with electronic cards or MyBank;
    • download the payment orders to be used in the Post Office and Authorised retailer points/Mooney app;
    • find the details needed to make a bank transfer;
  • Postal Order: you can pay by a simple postal order
    Made out to: Ifis Npl Investing S.p.A.
    Postal account: no. 21595509;
  • Authorised retailer points/Mooney app: You can pay c/o Mooney points giving the retailer the payment order slip, or directly from your smartphone with the Mooney app;
  • Bank Transfer:
    IBANIT 03 J 03205 02000 000000039579
    Made out to: Ifis Npl Investing S.p.A.
    Bank transfer motive: the identification number of the debt line the amount has to be paid on;
  • Electronic cards: you can pay using prepaid, debit and credit cards from the VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro circuits.

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