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Have you received our letter?

We can help you improve your credit situation.

If you have received a notification letter, that means that Ifis Npl Servicing will help you settle your debt, operating on behalf of Ifis Npl Investing or on that of other banking institutions.

Ifis Npl Servicing offers diversified solutions for the repayment of your debt and places a dedicated area at your disposal, in which you can monitor your financial situation.

How to resolve your debt

Settle straight away

Pay the amount due in a single solution.

Repayment plan

Settle your debt with monthly instalments.


Ask for an assessment to settle the debt by a Salary or pension backed loan.

Looking for more information or assistance?

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Monitor your repayment plan

Settle your repayment plan simply: choose Pagachiaro, the portal conceived for the smart payment of instalments and to help you monitor your financial situation.

How to pay instalments

You can settle your debt in various ways: easily identify the one that best meets your needs.