Purchase of portfolios

We are a primary investor on the Non Performing Loan market. We carefully identify portfolios to be purchased, applying assessment models based on our own statistic software, implemented on a database of 1.8 million positions (tickets) and with ten years’ expertise. In the Due Diligence stage we analyse and assess non performing loan portfolios sold by our counterparts: banks, financial institutions, funds and other originators.

We handle:

  • Search for new market opportunities
  • Due Diligence and analysis
  • Definition of pricing, resolution, negotiation and contract
  • Portfolio purchase (at a discount compared to the GBV, gross book value).

Our strong points

Multi-disciplinary approach

Our team boasts considerable experience in the sector and has legal, economic and statistic skills.


With a flexible, proactive approach, we assess all the asset classes extremely fast.

Solid models

The reliability of our assessment models is well consolidated by more then 10 years’ experience managing NPLs.


We are acknowledged excellent skills when managing purchasing and after sales processes.

Analytical skills

We have excellent experience with diversified estimates for secured and unsecured credits, to identify the most effective collection strategy.

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