Credit management and collection

We also offer specialised services and our assessment expertise to third party investors, with flexible tools and solutions for all non performing loan segments:

  • Support with Due Diligence;
  • Definition of the work out strategy;
  • Support with pricing;
  • Business planning;
  • Migration and onboarding of portfolios;
  • Transforming portfolios.

Transforming portfolios

We boast ten years’ experience in managing non-performing loans. After analysing the portfolio we identify, based on pre-defined rules, the best collection strategies.

We use a network of professionals spread all over the country. Combined with our skills and structures, we can guarantee a wide range of possibilities when transforming portfolios.


  • Phone Collection. Through Phone Collection activities we provide our customers with daily support ethically, skillfully and with respect. Thanks to listening and talking, we offer the right support for sharing a sustainable repayment path.


  • Network of Agents. Thanks to our network of agents all over Italy, we offer families and businesses the chance to settle their debts with terms that are in line with their real situation.


  • Collection Company We work with the best Italian collection companies for respectful, ethical, transparent management of dossiers. We talk to our customers, to find the best debt-settlement solutions without turning to law.


  • Salary backed loans. We offer customers the possibility to repay their debts using salary/pension backed loans, suggesting Crediquintum, a product supplied by Capitalfin S.p.A.


  • Pagachiaro digital platform Pagachiaro is the digital platform where you monitor your debt situation and easily, autonomously pay instalments online, choosing from the various payment options.


  • Legal Factory. If no out-of-court agreement can be reached, we turn to our internal lawyers and a capillary network of professionals. Competence and respect are the cornerstones our work is based on.


  • Specialised collection. We are a team of skilled professionals dedicated to managing secured and corporate credits, and can interact with all counterparts.


  • The plan monitoring services guarantee the compliance and punctuality of out-of-court agreements drawn up by the transformation channels. Talking to the customer we provide support and new feasible solutions if any difficulties should arise during the debt repayment plan.


The Allocation Order (ODA) monitoring services guarantee punctual compliance with payment due dates by third party authorities (public and private), with whoever has issued the orders (ODA), after Legal Factory has processed the credit. Interacting with counterparts we provide the support and information needed for prompt compliance with the legal constraint until it has been settled.

Our strong points


We can manage the entire non performing loan market value chain.


We can claim an extremely low litigation level with debtors.


Our own management software supports all Asset Classes.

Out-of-court solutions

Though in the presence of legal collection actions, we settle about 70% of the positions out-of-court.

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