Banca IFIS: Three-year business plan. Net profit of 147 million Euro in 2022 with significant growth in core businesses and less extraordinary business. Investments of 60 million Euro and 190 new employees.

FINANCIAL TARGETS FOR 2022 – Increase in sustainable profit to 147 million Euro to further improve financial solidity and support growth, whilst also ensuring payment of a significant dividend to shareholders; – ROTE to climb to 8.9%, indicating that the Group is well positioned in the most profitable segments of… Read More

Group Companies forming the VAT Group scheme 1st January 2010

IFISNPL S.p.A. and the Banca IFIS Group companies affected have entered the VAT Group regime. The VAT Group regime is effective from 1st January 2020 with VAT number 04570150278, and includes the following companies: Banca IFIS S.p.A. IFIS NPL S.p.A. IFIS Rental Services S.r.l. Credifarma S.p.A. Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A. FBS S.p.A. Read More