Servicer FBS

Thanks to FBS, IFIS NPL can offer a complete range of solutions for all types of assets in the NPL market, owners and third parties.

131 persons
200 external advisors

Through FBS, we provide the market with an integrated investment and asset management solution. FBS has always been active in the NPL arena as an operator specialized in servicing activities: a platform that today enhances the entire portfolio owned by IFIS NPL.

IFIS NPL and FBS: together they give birth to the new national asset management company with over 20 billion loans in its portfolio. The Italian answer to the important issue of managing and transforming NPLs. A system operation for the system. The services offered, related to acquisition, management and co-investment / financing, cover all categories of impaired credit, from the unsecured retail, always at the core of IFIS NPL business, to the corporate & secured credit, historically the strong point of FBS and of its subsidiary FBS RE.
The goal is to create value for customers, for the market and for the entire financial system.

The organizational structure allows us to accommodate a structured portfolio in all the operational phases, where every detail constitutes the foundation needed for the realization of business plans.
The classification and division of work between internal bodies and external networks involved brings about optimal performance, intervening at 360 degrees across the whole portfolio.

IFIS NPL and FBS offer the opportunity of transforming NPE's portfolios into value opportunities with solutions characteristic of an expert servicer aligned with the Bank's banking dynamics.

Offering its clients:

  • Portfolio valuation and sale / acquisition opportunities;
  • Co-investment and structured finance transactions;
  • Structuring of securitization transactions;
  • Master servicing;
  • Culture and expertise in the management of third parties (business plans, real estate appraisals, proactive credit management);
  • Personalized and sustainable customer care aimed at supporting the end customer in the efficient processing of portfolios.