Salary/pension-backed loans

With the acquisition of Cap.It.Fin. S.p.A. comes CrediQuintum, a product provided by Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A. for all NPL customers in the Banca IFIS Group.

CrediQuitum represents a very important step for the Banca IFIS Group, the start of a process for transforming debt into salary/pension-backed loans. An opportunity for many individuals, who thanks to the salary/pension-backed loans, are able to re-access credit. Customers can request an assessment of their position and then settle their debt using CrediQuintum, the salary/pension-backed loans.

CrediQuintum offers many advantages, including:
  • Life / Employment Insurance
  • Access to credit
  • Possibility of receiving additional liquidity

  • Request an evaluation of your position!