Digital PagaChiaro platform

The Banca IFIS Group has always paid special attention to digital innovation in the NPL business, with the aim of improving internal processes and simplifying partner’s work, providing debtors with a highly concentrated service.

PagaChiaro is the new digital platform dedicated to IFIS NPL customers, where they can monitor their financial position and independently pay instalments using electronic payment cards.

PagaChiaro encompasses the natural progression on a course with an ambitious objective: bringing the Banca IFIS Group closer to debtors, by offering them a free and innovative service that meets their requirements.

How to access PagaChiaro

Are you a current customer? Login now PagaChiaro, is a free, simple digital tool, where if you have already entered into a repayment plan you can manage your payments online, paying instalments in the way that suits you best. A reserved area, active 24/7, where you can monitor your repayment plans, download payment slips, view documents and pay online.

Not registered? Register now on PagaChiaro for ease in paying and monitoring your repayment plan!
Should you have questions or need additional information please contact Customer Service at our toll 02 83905047.