How we do it

Our business model is vertically integrated.
We aim to become the largest Italian Asset Management Company able to manage proprietary and third-party assets.

  • Origination
    The ability to confront changes has resulted in us creating the first platform for the acquisition and transformation of distressed loans. We are interested in acquiring mainly unsecured retail NPL loans, both on the primary market from banks and financial companies, as well as on the secondary market from funds and other investors. We are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. As an industrial player on a national scale, we focus on creating lasting relationships with originators, and we are very often chosen as a partner for recurring transfers.

  • Due diligence
    We have gained experience in due diligence over various asset classes (consumer credit, unsecured retail, unsecured corporate and mortgages), which enables us to segment the portfolio under assessment and analyse the files in a way that we can take advantage of the underlying loans.

  • Assessment
    We assess the portfolios with our internal team based on proprietary software and estimate the recovery flows, by segmenting each portfolio according to standard characteristics and integrating our findings from the Due diligence.

  • Acquisitions
    We manage all the stages internally to finalise the acquisition transaction. We rely on our internal legal team for all the legal and contract-based aspects. Flexibility and dedication allow us to shorten the post-closing operation time frame, efficiently organise onboarding activities and start the transformation process up as soon as possible.

  • Transformation
    We transform your portfolios using various transformation channels:
    • Phone Collection
    • Financial Advisors
    • Salary/pension-backed loans
      We can provide customers with an assessment of their position so as to transform their debt with salary/pension-backed loans using CrediQuintum, a product provided by Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A. for IFIS NPL customers.
    • Debt collection company
    • Digital PagaChiaro platform
      Evolving business and our strong technological DNA have resulted in us creating the first digital platform, providing jointly for the acquisition and transformation of loans. We have invested for our customers, implementing a unique and proprietary digital platform: PagaChiaro. This is an internal Reserved Area on the IFIS NPL site, where debtors can monitor their position and settle instalments independently on-line, by selecting from the different payment options.
      An ambitious project, representing just the first step in an increasingly performing, complete and innovative on-line platform, which quickly and easily responds to the needs of our debtors.
    • Legal Factory, the area dedicated to in and out-of court transformation.
    • Servicer FBS, the fourth servicer in Italy active in the management and transformation of impaired loans.

  • Monitoring
    We constantly monitor the portfolios of positions which, through the collection activity, have reached extrajudicial and judicial repayment agreements with the counterparties. This monitoring activity takes place through 2 specialized units:
    1. Plan Monitoring
    2. Assignment Order Monitoring