What we do

Portfolio acquisitions

Following on from an initial assessment phase, carried out using proprietary statistical software, we acquire NPL loans from banks, financial companies, funds and other originators.
  • searching for new market opportunities

  • due diligence and analysis

  • setting pricing, resolution, negotiation and contract

  • portfolio acquisition (at discount in relation to GBV, gross book value)

Portfolio transformation

Our expertise and our structures ensure a wide range of possibilities when transforming the portfolios acquired.

Thanks to the entrance into Banca IFIS group of the FBS Group, an operator specialising in servicing (master and special services), we are able to offer a complete service, with management or investment only or a combination of the two, in all distressed loan categories, from the most dispersed unsecured consumer loans through to corporate or real estate.
We are the first integrated investment and asset management platform in the Italian NPL market.

We can offer customers an assessment of their position so as to transform their debt with salary/pension-backed loans using CrediQuintum, a product provided by Cap.Ital.Fin. S.p.A. for IFIS NPL customers.
  • selection of the transformation channels

  • coordination of profitability and efficiency channels

  • improving strategies to ensure high in and out-of-court success rate

  • assessment and approval of repayment plan

  • management of both proprietary and third-party loans (servicing)

Ongoing customer support

We provide customers with assistance and consulting to support them in the debt transformation process, offering the best of our solutions.
  • support, assistance and advice to customers

  • continual monitoring of position and its development

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