Integration and Value

The combination of FBS and IFIS NPL allows the Banca IFIS Group and its stakeholders to achieve important benefits.

Benefits of the integration:

  • We evaluate the entire panorama of the NPL asset class aimed at buying or servicing, measuring the value, managing it and making it concrete;
  • We create lasting relationships with originators and financial institutions for ongoing management;
  • Stemming from our mutual cultures and skills, our asset management adopts a transparent philosophy respecting the legal process and the policies of the originator;
  • We obtain best-in-class returns and recoveries in the market, thus also benefiting our counterparts, in terms of reliability and solidity;
  • The servicer between Bank and debtor: point of balance and efficiency. Reconstitution of the social economic fabric through the return to good credit rating or credit worthiness;
  • Proprietary software developed internally for the banking originated NPL s. Manages guarantees and collateral. Equipped with specific workflows for the various types of loans (mortgage, unsecured, individual and corporate). Account management of managed loans. Management and predictive calculation of cash flows. The ideal tool for data remediation and portfolio enhancement.